Because we are sending the companion to visit you, we do require some of your personal details.  Please keep in mind, the agency cannot send girls to meet in public places for example: restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, or anywhere else… unless you have previously booked with the agency.

Private Residence We will only require your name, phone number, address, apartment/door entry code.  We could also call you upon arrival if you are at an apartment without entry code.

Hotel Guests  Room number and name of the registered guest is required if you would like one of our escorts, or entertainers visit you in your hotel room.  You may also provide an alternate contact number. However, we do have to confirm you are a registered guest prior to sending the lady.

Debit & Credit Card Transactions  

If you are paying by credit card you must inform the agency, so we can insure to have the debit/credit card machine ready for processing your chip card. an additional 12% will be added for all non-cash payments.