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Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-10T06:15:50+00:00
What information is required to book an escort?2022-11-10T07:37:33+00:00

Because we are sending the companion to visit you, we do require some of your personal details.  Please keep in mind, the agency cannot send girls to meet in public places for example: restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, or anywhere else… unless you have previously booked with the agency.

Private Residence We will only require your name, phone number, address, apartment/door entry code.  We could also call you upon arrival if you are at an apartment without entry code.

Hotel Guests  Room number and name of the registered guest is required if you would like one of our escorts, or entertainers visit you in your hotel room.  You may also provide an alternate contact number. However, we do have to confirm you are a registered guest prior to sending the lady.

Debit & Credit Card Transactions  

If you are paying by credit card you must inform the agency, so we can insure to have the debit/credit card machine ready for processing your chip card. an additional 12% will be added for all non-cash payments.

HOW SHOULD AN ESCORT BEHAVE?2022-11-10T07:18:31+00:00

First impression is almost always dependent on looks, but looks will only get you in the door.   Personality plays one of the most important roles to determine a person’s attractiveness.  To be polite, friendly, kind, sociable, and genuinely enjoy the company of others are the best qualities to have as an escort.

HOW SHOULD AN ESCORT LOOK?2022-11-10T07:17:33+00:00

It is important to put effort in the way you dress and how you groom your body.   I highly recommend having lingerie, stockings, heels, and a classic cocktail dress. You don’t need to show skin to be sexy. As a courtesan you will be visiting many upscale hotels, we do request you dress more discretely, rather than overly exposed.   Your looks aren’t you most important feature, but every effort counts.

Since there is no one type of escort to fit every clients preference, we hire all nationalities and types of ladies including: curvy, petite, mature, and young.

Customer Tips and Recommendations2022-11-10T07:09:12+00:00
  1. Please shower prior to your companions arrival. Cleanliness goes a long way.
  2. Have predetermined payment ready, this is the rate you were quoted  at the time of booking.
  3. If you are paying credit card please let the reception know before the girls are sent (have your credit card ready for the driver to scan)
  4. When she arrives give her a few minutes to become acquainted and comfortable, if you offering a beverage (it should be sealed and opened in front of the escort).
  5. Expect her to call the agency to confirm her arrival, as well, expect another call for the driver to be sent when she is ready to be picked up.
  6. Offer your restroom for your guest to freshen up and change into something more sexy.
  7. Please don’t pry into the girls personal lives, try to contact her outside of the agency, or ask her to come back on her own time. ( doing this will only prevent you from using our services)
What is the difference between in-call and out-call escorts?2022-11-10T07:02:45+00:00


In-call escorts will have clients visit them at their residence or business this may include local massage studios or Independent escorts; whereas out-call escorts and entertainers will visit the client(s) at their hotel, business, or residence.

Our escort service only offers out-calls within the Greater Vancouver area.  Some of the areas our escorts and entertainers cater to are: Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Delta, Squamish, Whistler, Chilliwack, and surrounding cities.

Can I pay to have sex with the escorts?2022-11-10T07:00:36+00:00

No, you cannot pay for sexual services from the escorts or entertainers (that is illegal).  What you are paying for is time and companionship with beautiful open-minded women that will fully pamper and please you.

Do you have dancers for Stags and Private Parties?2022-11-10T06:58:31+00:00

Yes, we do have many professional dancers available for stags, parties, and stripper entertainment.  Please review the stags section for more information

Are the rates all Inclusive?2022-11-10T06:54:30+00:00

Yes, the escort and companionship rates are all inclusive and based on the time spent with you.

What services do the escorts offer?2022-11-10T06:53:15+00:00

 All of the girls we hire are open-minded, comfortable, and enjoy pampering and pleasing their date.   If you have any special requests, fetish, or fantasy you would like fulfilled, please let us know and we will do our best to match you up with the perfect girl.

Please keep in mind you are paying for time and companionship, not every service can be agreed to over the phone.
All the escorts and entertainers have the right to refuse clients based on hygiene, or safety concerns.  All escorts and companions with our agency only offer safe services, so if you are looking for anything un-safe we cannot cater to you.

Do the escorts party and drink?2022-11-10T06:49:20+00:00

Some of the ladies are available for social parties that may include having a cocktail.   If you’re looking to break the ice and get acquainted with a bevy or glass of wine, that’s fine. However, we do advise against overindulgence.  As an additional precaution, we request all beverages be unopened and poured in the presence of your companion.

Do the escorts meet with couples and women?2022-11-10T06:47:14+00:00

Yes, we do cater to women seeking women and couples seeking escorts.   There are many beautiful bi-sexual escorts listed in the gallery section.  We are also available to recommend some of our newest talent available.

Can I speak to the escorts prior to meeting in person?2022-11-10T06:45:23+00:00

No you cannot speak to the escorts prior to your booking, when you use our agency you trust we will do our best to match you with an escort that fits your requirements.  We take the stress out of the booking process, so the girls can focus on your time spent together.

CAN I WORK FOR MULTIPLE AGENCIES2022-08-24T09:12:54+00:00

It is our policy that all escorts and entertainers not work as an Escort, Entertainer, or Masseuse Independently or with another company while working with Sensual Playmates.  Working With Sensual Playmates will generate the most clientele
As an Escort, Entertainer, Companion of Sensual Playmates we guarantees you will always receive the minimum 60% of the total charged to client.


As a Sensual Playmates you will be working with Vancouver’s most reputable professional Agency. We have the ability to provide you with an upscale cliental and allow financial security within a short period of time.  All prices are agreed to and negotiated on your behalf prior to your arrival at the clients Hotel or Home, our clients are aware of  services and  what to expect from our useful and informative website

When you work with a company like Sensual Playmates You are getting over 10 years of experienced agents working on your behalf.  We have the ability perfectly match the Escorts with the Clients,  this makes your job as an escort or exotic dancer more desirable because you can properly entertain your clients.  Without the uncomfortable task of marketing yourself, or trying to describe your best assets.  We do it all for you!

Sensual Playmates offers an extensive advertising campaigned. With over $200,000.00 spent each year on promotion and advertising. We are probably the highest advertised company In Canada let a lone Vancouver. You don’t need to pay expensive advertising fees or submit ads on a regular basis.


You are considered an independent Contractor, however you will be following a certain degree of standards set by Sensual Playmates.  You may set your own hours and allow whatever services you feel comfortable providing, as long as you don’t misrepresent these services to our booking agents or false advertise them on the website.


Escorting is not for everyone! All girls hired with Sensual Playmates are screened. If you are shy and timid more than likely you will not do well as a Sensual Playmate.
The girls that will do well with Sensual Playmates are those who know they are attractive, love attention, and know how to excite and entertain. We are able to give you advice on a few things but most should come naturally, this is what our customers find most attractive about our playmates.


We do hire people with no experience.
At Sensual Playmates we will advise you on attire and (proper etiquette) when dealing with our clients, our company will send you to a regular client of Sensual Playmates who is aware you are new to the business.  Many times our regular clients will give helpful information and tips on how to react in many common situations. As well, they wont take offense if you get cold feet.

SAFETY AND SCREENING OF CLIENTS2022-11-10T07:04:25+00:00

Safety and discretion is top priority to our company
We request all of the customer’s information prior to sending any of our Playmates out.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. The agency will gather all necessary information from the client including (name, phone number, address, special request)
  2. If the customer is a regular we can provide you with a brief explanation to ensure compatibility.
  3. the company will give necessary information to the driver or Playmate.
  4. When the playmate arrives at the customer’s residence or hotel she will call the agency to confirm all is good.
  5. The playmate, entertainer, companion will always be paid prior to spending time with the client(s).
  6. The Agency will give a courtesy call to you on you cell phone to let you know you know your time has ended and will have your driver ready and waiting.

We do offer all inclusive rates which mean the customer is not obligated to pay additional fees. We do not sell sex, it is illegal.

What we offer is intimate companionship with openminded girls who will pamper and please their client. What the Customer and Escort choose to do within the time spent is up to BOTH consenting adults.
As an escort or companion of Sensual Playmates you should be openminded and social.  You are expected to present yourself in a upscale classy manner the customer should be happy and completely pleased with your appearance, attitude and overall service.

HOW MANY HOURS AM I EXPECTED TO WORK2022-08-24T08:09:21+00:00

We Request you to be available 20 hours per week, it is not mandatory but is requested.  Being a Social Escort for an established company like Sensual Playmates will allow you to have flexibility so you could continue your education or career and make a lot of extra cash on the side.  That being said, some girls choose to book on whenever they want without a set schedule.  The choice is ultimately yours and we will accommodate your availability.


We are an honest agency and won’t make you believe you will make more money than you are capable of.   At sensual Playmates it’s extremely rare to have a playmate go a shift without making the minimal of one booking.  Majority of our playmates will be booked from the time their shift starts to the time they are off.  On Average the playmates make at least $500.00 a shift. Therefore don’t need to be available as often, giving them the ability to work less and play more, or vice versa.  Basically, you will be able to make a lot of money with in a short period of time.

At Sensual playmates agency you are always guaranteed to make at least 60% of the rate charged to the client.  If the price quoted was $300.00 the escort receives $180.00, $400 the escort receives $240.00

WHAT ARE THE CLIENTS LIKE?2022-08-24T08:03:05+00:00

Upscale Tourists and Business men visiting Vancouver, as well we have many regular clients that are local to Vancouver and use our services regularly so they know what to expect from our openminded playful Playmates.

If you are looking to entertain at stags or private parties we have many requests from parties who travel to Vancouver to celebrate their bachelor party or have a Guys night out and need female entertainment.
Whether you are applying for the escort position or Exotic Entertainer You could rest assure you will be completely informed about our clients prior to the final booking to assure you and the customer(s) will be properly matched.


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