Now is the best time to visit north of the boarder, with the Canadian dollar desirable when compared with our neighbors.  Its nearly impossible to enjoy the discounts received when 1 US Dollar gets you 1.29 Canadian.   You’re wallet recommends you visit Vancouver for a weekend rendezvous at a luxurious hotel, pamper yourself and enjoy the company of one of our beautiful escorts.



Visit Vancouver to get the best bang for your buck!


To get the best possible exchange, please visit the bank or currency exchange center.  Below are the rates our agency will offer you.

us exchange rate



 Exchange rates our Agency offers

Canadian You Pay in US  x 1.15 You Pay In Euros x 1.30
200 1.75 145
300 260 215
500 435 360
1000 870 715

Rates are approximate as of May 7, 2016 calculations and are subject to change. Please call to receive the best possible rate